Washing station for rental bicycles

Rental bicycles must be clean. That's the least customers expect. But washing the bicycles regularly is a real job if you have to do it manually. With our washing station you can quickly wash and dry your bicycle thoroughly. 

Just anyone can now ensure that the bicycles are properly washed. All you have to do is place the bicycles in the machine and the washing robot will wash and dry the bicycles. It's that easy!

The washing station can operate fully automatically.

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Advantages of a bicycle washing station

Wash quickly & thoroughly

Our washing robots wash (& dry) your bicycles in 3-7 minutes, which is much faster than washing by hand.

Cost saving

The manual work is done by the machine & the consumption of water and detergent is lower.

Mobile Washing station

Our washing stations are mobile so you can take them with you on location.

Great & consistent washing results

The washing station washes thoroughly and the washing result does not depend on a person.

Happy customers

With a clean bicycle, cycling is wonderful for your customers.


Our washing robots recycle the water, so you use much less water than rinsing or washing by hand. 

Do you also want to be more efficient when washing your bicycles?

Schedule a no-obligation consultation and we can discuss together what is most suitable for you.

CW-GO - Mobile washing station

You can easily take this super compact washing station from location to location.

Dimensions (lxwxh): 110 x 115 x 120 cm without rampes 

Weight 140-180 kg

CW-Pro - fully automatic bicycle washing station that can dry

You can wash and dry with this fully automatic machine.

Dimensions (lxwxh): 237 x 126 x 124 cm without rampes 

Weight 540-650 kg

CW-Station - Manual cleaning with water and air

This compact cleaning mode allows you to thoroughly clean the bicycles with a combination of air and water pressure.

Dimensions (lxwxh): 146 x 103 x 122 cm without rampes

Weight 100 kg