teal bicycle with white plastic bottles

Bicycle Fleet management

Today, mobility managers and facility managers are also busy managing the fleet of bicycles. That entails a lot. Not only must the bicycles be technically perfect, but they must also be clean. Nobody likes to ride a dirty bike. 

How do you do that quickly, thoroughly and cost-efficiently?

Today many people get started with a wet cloth and a bucket of water or garden hose, but this is a very superficial cleaning.

With a mobile bicycle washing station you can wash your bicycles quickly and with consistent quality at any of your locations. This is certainly the case for shared bicycles that are spread out at different locations.

For employees who ride a lease bicycle themselves, you can offer the option to have their bicycle washed by the washing robot on your company premises.

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Advantages of a bicycle washing station

Wash quickly & thoroughly

Our washing robots wash (& dry) your bicycles in 3-7 minutes, which is much faster than washing by hand.

Cost saving

The manual work is done by the machine & the consumption of water and detergent is lower.


Our washing robots recycle the water, so you use much less water than rinsing or washing by hand.

Great & consistent washing result

The washing station washes thoroughly and the washing result does not depend on a person.

Happy customers

With a clean bicyble, cycling is wonderful for your customers.

Mobile Washing station

Our washing stations are mobile so you can take them with you on location.