Robots to wash bicycles

VeloWash helps wash bikes thoroughly with fixed or mobile car washes.

Also suitable for electric bicycles.

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At VeloWash, we love clean bikes. Well-maintained bikes ride more pleasantly and last longer.

VeloWash rents and sells bike washes so you can give extra service to your cyclists. This way we make it easy for individuals and organizations to wash a bike. Because we know from experience that this is quite a job if you want to do it right.

VeloWash works with the latest technologies to save water, environmentally friendly and thoroughly clean your bike without damaging it. No pressure washer!  

VeloWash helps companies, bike parking lots, event organizations, municipalities & bike repair shops to keep bikes clean. Contact us for pricing options. 

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person in black jacket holding black and red bicycle

VeloWash at the bike repair shop 

When a bike goes in for a repair, it is an ideal time to also give the bike a thorough wash. With this extra service, not only is it easier and more pleasant for the bike repair shop to repair the bike, the customer is also happy with a clean bike and is willing to pay for it! 

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red city bike on parked

VeloWash in the modern bike parking

The modern bike park offers additional services to its cyclists such as secure parking, a bike repair station and the ability to wash bikes.

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bike race on street during daytime

VeloWash at bicycle events

As an event organizer, you can offer a premium service to have participants thoroughly wash their bikes.

At VeloWash, you can rent or provide a bike wash for a fee.

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Why work with a VeloWash bicycle wash?

  • A Bicycle Wash takes a lot of work off your hands
  • Is cost-efficient and ensures consistent quality
  • Provides opportunities to offer an additional (paid) service
  • Makes cyclists happy with a clean bike

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Water-saving & ecological

A wash cycle in our car wash uses about 3 liters of water, which is a lot less than washing with the garden hose. 

Quick and easy clean

in about 3 minutes your bike is completely clean thanks to the high-tech brushes brushes & water jets.

Suitable for Electric Bicycle

Water and electricity are not good friends, but our technology washes without damaging.

Fixed bike wash and on location

Our bike washes can be permanently installed or temporarily used on location.


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